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The Chilean miners are free and religious people across the globe are going proper mental. Priests are dancing, bishops are kicking in atheist’s windows and nuns are flicking themselves off all in the name of God’s glory.


A nun was seen at the Vatican yesterday screaming “SEE, GOD DOES FUCKING EXIST YOU WISPY HAIRED CUNT!” into the face of Richard Dawkins who was there on his holidays.

Richard Dawkins was not available for comment as he is hospitalised due to “Penguined Shins” after the nun severally kicked him.


Many atheist groups have declared that the Miner’s rescue could not have been a miracle. One disgruntled atheist said: “God doesn’t just go around saving everyone” However, a local Chilean religious group calling themselves “PTMBITH” or “Put The Miners Back In The Hole” have declared they would like to arrange for the miners to be put back into the hole, have the hole cemented back up and have the miners left without food and water indefinitely.

José Sprinkler, head of the organisation said today “We want to show the unbeliever what God is capable of. If we leave them in there, and do not help them, God will get them out on his own”


A facebook group has been started by José Sprinkler and his organisation of over 500 members to rally up support for the cause. You can join it here:





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