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You are currently reading a sentence that has not been thought through properly. You might have noticed that putting “…which was not thought through properly” is actually a lot easier to read than what we actually put, which was “…that has not been thought through properly” in-case you forgot the very first sentence. We wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Like we said before, it wasn’t even thought through properly.

In retrospect, when reading back that entire first paragraph it becomes painfully clear that it too wasn’t thought through properly either. Just forget it. Put it from your pulsating mind and concentrate only on this paragraph. I know it’s still sort of in your peripheral vision but this is honestly the only paragraph you need to worry about and that’s because it’s the paragraph where we drop our names in. Those names are David Ives & Dmitry Dobzhinsky.

We hope this blog becomes a place for our creative output, however it’s important for you all to understand that currently this particular blog entry has been written with the specific intention of just filling up space until we actually have something of any value to show.

We’re still writing, so in the mean time you can check out either

David’s Blog: www.cranialfarting.wordpress.com


Dmitry’s Blog: www.dimabbq.blogspot.com

Or better yet, you can just look at this picture until the next blog entry pops up:

It’s up to you really




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